Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons are suggested for singers who are looking to eliminate breaks in their voice, fix bad habits, repair damage, increase range and generally solidify technique within their voice. Audition and performance preparation in addition to adding to rep are included within lessons, but strong vocal technique is of utmost importance. If your voice isn’t functioning correctly, almost all other aspects of your singing will be limited. Martin focuses on balancing the voice and bridging the passagi – this is critical if you require flexibility, longevity and use your voice as a professional instrument.

Skype Voice Lessons 

Almost everybody now uses a broadband connection and increasing advancements in software, mean that singing lessons are available in real-time over the internet. This a perfect way to study singing if you can’t travel into London for your singing lessons.

Many world-famous artists take their singing lessons over skype including Kelly Clarkson, David Archuletta and the late, great Michael Jackson. It is common for performers to keep their voices in shape whilst on tour using video calling technology. Technology marches on!