🙁 Does your voice hurt and tire when you sing?
🙁 Are there songs you wish you could sing but struggle to hit the notes?
🙁 Do you sing out of tune sometimes?
🙁 Do you want to be able to keep control of your voice from high to low?
🙁 Do you want to be able to sing powerfully at the top of your range? 
🙁 Do you get nervous worrying about what your voice is going to do when performing? 
🙁 Do you have or are you recovering from a vocal injury like nodules or pre-nodules? 
🙁 Do you suffer from having little or no “head voice”? 
🙁 Do you flip and break when singing? 

These are just some of the reasons why singers generally tend to seek singing lessons – in addition of course to general maintenance and balance of the voice. So why choose the Martin Williams Vocal Studio?

Martin’s approach is entirely results driven and task orientated, if there is a problem within your voice – Martin will fix it – and he will fix it quickly, usually within a lesson or two. Then, he will teach you how to fix it by arming you with the tools that you need, so that you can learn to troubleshoot and eliminate these vocal problems and imbalances for yourself!

Martin teaches you to become vocally independent, a very different kind of approach! Time is money, and when professionals, graduates and students need results fast because their livelihoods and futures depend on it, the Martin Williams Vocal Studio is the first place singers turn to.